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Version History

2021.11.30First iteration finished and released
2021.11.11Project started

Portfolio oriented, Zola based static site generator

MIT License

Wofol (woe-foe) (a portmanteau of "web portfolio") is a highly customizable, interactive portfolio template / creation tool. It aims to turn simple markdown into beautiful webpages, so you can create portfolio entries fast and without having to worry about things like responsiveness and user accessibility.

Wofol was initially created in 20 days (11.11.21 - 11.30.21) for the month-long Mines Sporediggers hackathon and won second place!


  • Hosting multiple (unlimited, actually) portfolios on one site
    • i.e., separate your work portfolio from a personal art portfolio
  • Writing portfolio entires in Markdown with minimal code
  • The flexibility to still add HTML/CSS/JS directly for complete customizability
  • Lightbox images, inline music players, and more plugins!
  • Being fully responsive – works great on mobile, tablet, and desktop!


This site is powered by a modified version of Wofol, but a live demo of Wofol showcasing all its features (rather than just a subset) is available at