Remchi Legacy

Version History

2022.05.01Remchi Legacy shuts down
2021.11.11v1 released to the public
2022.01.01v0 enters first closed beta

Student Information System Frontend

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© 2021 Ryan Zhang

Remchi Legacy, formerly known as "OpenVUE", is a responsive, modern alternative to Synergy's StudentVUE® application. The site has been shut down due to high maintenance costs, but its source code remains open-sourced on GitHub.

The project started my freshman year of high school and lasted through freshman year of college. Excluding the beta period, its served 2,363 unique users across 104,213 sessions and is my most significant full-stack application to date.


About Remchi


Remchi offers the following:

  • Interactive, responsive gradebook with what-if support, built-in grade calculator, and graphs/tables showing how much impact each individual assignment has on a student's overall grade
  • Ability to export grade data to machine-readable JSON or human-readable Microsoft Excel files
  • Real-time schedule showing all of a student's class for the day and where they should be right now
  • Webauthn support allowing users to go passwordless and use Windows Hello / Face ID / security keys to sign on

Full Description

The following is quoted from the GitHub repository.

Remchi is a modern, responsive interface that's designed to connect to Synergy's StudentVUE™ software*. It is not a replacement for Synergy, rather, a complement to it. Remchi is merely a user-facing interface to access and present data already stored in Synergy.

*This is a third party, unofficial tool. We are not affiliated with this company in any way, shape, or form. StudentVUE is a registered trademark owned by Edupoint.

In short, Remchi is intended to allow users to replace StudentVUE, but not Synergy.


A fully functional, serverless demo is planned in the future to show what the site used to be like.