Version History

2021.11.16Project Deprecation
2021.04.11v2: Spring 2021 Hybrid Event
2021.12.17v1: Fall 2020 Virtual Event
2020.01.16v0: Project Started

Real-time, highly-customizable trivia

MIT License GitHub release (latest by date)

OpenTrivia is an all-in one real-time and highly customizable event platform. It was made when I wanted to run a big (300+ participants) event without compromising on user participation (i.e., through being eliminated) and existing solutions at the time (i.e., Kahoot) didn't do everything I wanted.

The application was also an attempt to make a front-end from scratch, using zero third-party themes or stylesheets. All CSS with the exception of icons were written by me, from scratch.

Our first event using this platform was virtual (during the peak of Covid) and was livestreamed on YouTube. You can check out a recording here to see what an event might look like. Note that this first iteration doesn't have anything listed under "v2" below.


Contestant Side

Host Side

What is it?

The following is copied from the GitHub repository.

Think of it like Socrative, except less test-like and more flexible. Open Trivia is an all-in-one trivia server that handles a client interface, a host interface, and a slideshow interface (intended to be projected/presented). It supports the following:

  • (Technically) unlimited teams, rounds, and questions. Your mileage will vary based on the specs of your server
    • Using an Azure B1 app server, Open Trivia handled 250+ simultaneous connections using under 1 GB of ram. You shouldn't need particularly high specs for most use cases.
  • Image support and customizable backgrounds to liven up your "slides"
  • Multiple choice, short answer, and third-party answering formats
  • Easy and intuitive question bank editor, also known as Google Sheets (alternatively, JSON can also be used)
  • v2: Lots of new "addons" to extend platform functionality
    • Brackets addon: Create any number of 16-team brackets and let teams compete head to head! Currrently designed for single elimination, but can be modified for other tournamnet formats. Four games is all it takes to turn 16 teams into one winning team!
    • Divergence addon: Separate teams into "in contention" and "out of contention" when running elimination tournaments. This allows those who are out to still play!
    • Buzzer addon: Adds support for buzzers that whitelisted teams can use in lieu of answering on their device for live competitions! Supports a "top teams" scoreboard and interruptions.
    • Chat addon: Teams can chat with other teams! In its current state, chat is only active during bracket rounds, and messages are routed between the head to head teams.