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hello, i'm ryan

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My portfolio is currently split across two sites, with a long-term goal to consolidate everything here.

a showcase of more recent (2019-now) personal, CS/coding related projects.

a showcase of older (2015-2020), typically smaller CS/coding projects.

who is she?

I'm a creative maker, ui designer, and a student.

I'm into software and security engineering, potentially even hard/pure cybersecurity. Currently pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science at Colorado School of Mines.

I first started coding in 2015 when Khan Academy released their first iteration of "Intro to CS" curriculum before moving onto Codecademy and finally coding on my own. Up until college, my CS background was fully self-taught due to a lack of CS offerings at my middle/high school.

I do not make my physical/pdf resume public online, but it can be available upon request; contact me below.
Note that my LinkedIn contains most of the information in my resume and is public.


The best way to contact me is by email. You can find me at [javascript must be enabled to show this email].